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Their experience, construction knowledge, organization and employee skill, shows in the quality of their work.

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I had the pleasure of working with Frank Young Construction for 30 years. During that time, they have completed thousands of small repairs involving floors, walls, doors, hardware, windows, fencing and gates. They have been our on-site contractor of choice. They have completed many large construction projects involving demolition, excavation, concrete and steel structures, large cleanroom remodels for semiconductor manufacturing, two computer rooms, numerous laboratories, a fitness center, two cafeteria remodels, numerous office areas conversions and remodels and many concrete pads and structures for large pieces of mechanical equipment and liquid storage tanks. I strongly recommend Frank Young Construction for any small general construction or remodeling projects. They perform projects with excellent communication and strive to a keep costs minimal. Their employees and management are friendly to work with and all convey a desire to please their customer and complete the work on schedule. Employee turnover is extremely low. Frank Young Construction has a terrific history of promptly following through on their projects to reach 100% completion. they do not have to be pressed to finish out the last detail of a project. Frank Young Construction demonstrates an attitude of personal responsibility and ownership for their work and they always insure that the job is completed to our satisfaction. Their experience, construction knowledge, organization and employee skills, shows in the quality of their work. Frank Young Construction has very substantially contributed to the success of our company for the past 30 years. I am confident that any company that hires Frank Young Construction will continue to have the same great success that we have had working with them. Mike Robinson Facilities Engenieer Fairchild Semiconductor

IM Flash Technologies, of Lehi Utah.

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Has a company policy in place that prohibits employees from formally writing letter of references. However, in the event that a reference is needed, IM flash technologies does welcome and allow for the requesting party to directly contact the individual to obtain the needed information. Please feel free to contact Brian Hoover, IM Flash Technologies, Facilities Construction Supervisor, directly at (801) 767-3339

I strongly recommend FYC for small general construction or remodeling projects.

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I have had the pleasure of of working with Frank Young construction for 7 years. FYC follows through on its projects in a timely manner. The quality of work and dedication to the projects has been outstanding. FYC has a great sense of personal responsibility and always insures the job is done to your satisfaction. Their years of experience, knowledge, and organization, shows in the quality of work. FYC has contributed to the success of our company. Any company that hires FYC will have made the correct choice.

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